Issyatul Mardiah

Lombok Interpreter Issyatul Mardiah english bahasa indonesia

Profession: Interpreter / Translator / Tutor
Education: Master of Applied Linguistics, The Australian National University, Australia
Experience: 10 Years

I've been fortunate to receive prestigious scholarships such as the Australia Awards Scholarship and the Indonesia English Study Program Scholarship, facilitating my studies at The Australian National University and Ohio University, respectively. In parallel, my professional growth encompasses completing an Academic Text Translation Course at LBI, University of Indonesia, and serving as a Translator for and

Engaging in continuous learning, I participated in workshops like Teaching Indonesian for Foreigners (BIPA) and underwent computer literacy training at The Australian National University and an English academic preparation program at IALF Bali. Additionally, I contributed to language education standards through programs such as the Professional Development Program for Indonesian Language Instructors and teacher training workshops. This narrative reflects my dedication to excellence and ongoing pursuit of knowledge in language and education.

My employment history underscores a commitment to language education and cultural exchange. From roles as a Tutor/Course material coordinator/translator/interpreter at Mataram Lingua Franca Institute to instructing as an Indonesian language teacher and program assistant at Pusat Budaya Indonesia in Dili, the journey epitomizes dedication to education and language. Noteworthy positions at institutions like The Australian National University and Mataram University highlight proficiency in both English and Indonesian languages, which showcases adaptability and expertise across various educational settings.


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