Translation Portfolio



IT (software/hardware/web)

  • Big printer’s user manual and maintenance

  • Cloud service

  • Content for Geographic Information System

  • Hard drive quick drive

  • Portable speaker quick guide

  • Various digital watches manual

  • Cyber security

  • Communication system/equipment

Civil Engineering
  • Road construction

  • Road improvement and maintenance

  • Building assessment after earthquake

Mining (mineral/oil & gas)
  • Articles on heavy equipment in mining magazine

  • Offshore oil & gas rigging

  • Hydraulics training modules

  • Safety training material for various mining activities -Blasting operation

  • Various training material for oil & gas industry

  • Dredger operations

  • MRI operator manual

  • Heart monitoring device operator manual

  • Patient monitor

  • Various health articles on stroke and heart disease


  • Game Storyline

  • Various game trailers

  • Basketball training for kids

  • Basic diving instruction


  • E-learning material of sales representatives training

  • Market researches

  • E-learning material for bank employees training

  • E-learning material on anti-corruption and bribe training

Legal (non-sworn)

  • Birth certificates

  • Identity Card

  • Family Card

  • Articles of association

  • Agreements

  • Official Letters

  • Certificate

  • Academic Transcript

Legal (sworn)

  • Business License

  • Certificate of Employment

  • Deed of Business Establishment


  • Articles on Languages & Culture

  • Articles on Sciences/Math

  • Articles on crimes

  • Articles on international events


  • Pain dispenser manual

  • Paper machine operation and maintenance

  • Hotel booking and award system

  • Cosmetics advertisement

  • Shipping and packaging instruction

  • Community development report

  • Dishwasher manual

  • NGO reports

  • Projects best practices


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