Baiq Sri Mulya

Lombok Interpreter Baiq Sri Mulya english bahasa indonesia

Profession: Research Assistant / Interpreter / Translator
Education: Master in Environment and Sustainability, Monash University, Australia
Experience: 21 Years

I have had the privilege of gaining diverse work experiences across various domains. My six-year tenure as a government officer provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the system, particularly at the regional level. Additionally, my time in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) equipped me with invaluable insights and methodologies that deepened my appreciation for the intricate interconnectedness of contemporary societal issues.

In my approach to work, I blend education and advocacy, progressing systematically along a continuum. I firmly believe that in today's highly interconnected world, no problem exists in isolation. Consequently, effecting substantial change necessitates operating on a comprehensive scale, addressing all core sectors through collaborative initiatives. Opting for this broad approach also creates opportunities for cross-epistemological conversations to thrive.

Over the course of more than twelve years, I have actively engaged in voluntary work as a community organizer. In parallel, I have leveraged my proficiency in English by freelancing as an interpreter and translator, covering a wide array of topics. The synergy of these experiences has not only enriched my knowledge but also expanded my professional network significantly.


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