Nurul Azizah

Lombok Interpreter Nurul Azizah english bahasa indonesia

Profession: Research Assistant / Interpreter / Translator
Education: Doctor of Linguistics, Udayana University, Indonesia
Experience: 15 Years

I am an independent interpreter and translator, possessing a doctoral degree in linguistics. My career in this field spans more than a decade, granting me an in-depth comprehension of the nuances and complexities within both Indonesian and English languages. In addition to my translation work, my 16-year tenure as an educator has involved me in various research endeavors, where my expertise is sought as a linguist, communicator, or data collector. My linguistic journey has been significantly enhanced by the privilege of growing up in English-speaking country, Australia, where I have cultivated an exceptional command of the English language.

I thrive in high-pressure environments, consistently exceeding targets with my effective communication skills that ensure clarity in every assignment. I am intrinsically motivated, committed to excellence, and possess the independence and adaptability necessary to excel in various projects. My track record reflects meticulous project management, unwavering accuracy, and meeting stringent deadlines.

I take immense pride in my collaborative spirit, encapsulated by my adeptness as a team player. This quality not only enhances the quality of my work but also contributes to the collective success of any project or endeavor I am a part of. My multifaceted skill set and extensive experience combine to make me a consummate professional in the field of interpretation and translation.


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