Fahrunnisa Hidayat

Lombok Translator Fahrunnisa Hidayat English Bahasa Indonesia

Profession: Research Assistant / Translator
Education: Master in Languages & Cultures of South East Asia, University of Hamburg, Germany
Experience: 9 Years

I am an accomplished writer, editor, and independent researcher with a journalism career since 2015. I pursued a master's degree at the renowned Department of Languages & Cultures of Southeast Asia, Asia Africa Institute, University of Hamburg, Germany. In 2021, I published my debut poetry collection, "Menuju Laut Utara" (Heading the North Sea), chronicling my two-year stay in Northern Germany from 2017 to 2019. My poems have been featured in esteemed publications like "Taman Pitanggang" (Pitanggang Garden, 2014) and "Perempuan Langit 3" (The Sky Woman, 2017), celebrating women's voices from Lombok Island. My writings span across various online and print media, exploring literature, travel, and traditional cultures. Notably, my work found recognition in the Southeast Asian Eco-Writing anthology, published in late 2023 by the Manoa Journal of the University of Hawai'i Press. As a versatile freelance researcher, I manage "Balawas Heritage" (balawas.id), an ethnographic platform dedicated to literature, heritage, and culture.


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